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Sai Saffron has catered to some very high profile customers, weddings, birthday, concerts and other major events.

SLAM Concert catering a success!

Sep 26,2014 / by Admin

Catered for the SLAM concert which was a success. Catered for the artists.

Successful catering for Shreya Ghoshal Concert

Aug 15,2014 / by Admin

Another successful catering done for 5000 people. Not only did the event go smoothly but the Sai Saffron staff was complimented for the delicious food.

Sonu Nigam Concert catering

May 16,2014 / by Admin

A great concert performed by Sonu Nigam, an extraordinary artist. The event was catered by Sai Saffron for the artist as well as a crowd of 7000 people.

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Mohit Chauhan Concert

Mar 28,2014 / by Admin

Catering for the spectacular concert of Mohit Chauhan for a crowd of 800 people including the artists.

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